Lara Kehler


Currently an Independent artist and game developer. I have worked as a graphic designer and artist in "new media" for over 10 years (yikes!) and specifically in the game industry since 2006. I've worked with Spryfox, Klei Entertainment, Turborilla, Threewave Software, Gnosis games, Frogtoss Games and Fit Brains in senior positions or freelance artist on over 12 released game titles including my own "indie" iOS title Zombie Minesweeper.

Platforms worked on: Nintendo DS, Wii, Facebook, iOS, PC


  • Graphic design
  • concept & production art
  • character art
  • Flash animation and ActionScript
  • game design
  • IP creatior
  • logo design
  • marketing & promotional art/design


  • Photoshop
  • Flash
  • ActionScript